Release Notes for PaaSLane 2.5.1

Release Notes - PaaSLane - Version 2.5.1

The following is a comprehensive list of new features and resolved issues in PaaSLane 2.5.1

Release Notes - PaaSLane - Version 2.5.1

** Story
* [PAASLANE-2309] - Error handling and Retry during Workflow

** Task
* [PAASLANE-2621] - Add License document to assembly

** Improvement
* [PAASLANE-2508] - Change Confirmation message for Reverting a Rule Set .
* [PAASLANE-2513] - update API for application PUT return
* [PAASLANE-2539] - Set Explorer (Unused Rules): would like to display similarly to Package "All" row
* [PAASLANE-2547] - Rule Usage: Clarify "usage" only applies to RELEASED sets
* [PAASLANE-2550] - Set names (dupes): handle multi-tenant name-space
* [PAASLANE-2567] - Set Config (edit released): launching a selected rule edit modal then clicking DONE with no changes should not trigger version update
* [PAASLANE-2585] - Re-generate Sample Report for all tenants
* [PAASLANE-2604] - report-config (module names): handle long names as on app page
* [PAASLANE-2605] - Set Explorer (search): UI needs a way to clear set selection (to reset smart search)

** Bug

* [PAASLANE-2303] - remediation descriptions include URL text that converts to broken link
* [PAASLANE-2316] - Upload (module link): drop-downs not populated
* [PAASLANE-2448] - Unused Rules in Rule Sets
* [PAASLANE-2485] - Auto Estimate: When all modules fail, a (bad) estimate is still created
* [PAASLANE-2494] - .NET metadata: link text not converting to working links
* [PAASLANE-2497] - SWF Getting Rate exceeded errors
* [PAASLANE-2522] - new registration (quick-test): able to cancel profiling then delete all modules (broken report link is generated)
* [PAASLANE-2523] - new registration (home): seems to require page refresh to load agent?
* [PAASLANE-2525] - Set Config (rule edit): Case where "custom" radio selected, when the remediation was populated from source meta
* [PAASLANE-2536] - set config (save redirect): the set is selected on redirect to explorer, but may be scrolled out of view
* [PAASLANE-2577] - Category drop down and filter list have inconsistent display of "Unknown"
* [PAASLANE-2586] - Report (Category Charts): need to handle more categories
* [PAASLANE-2590] - Agent does not create Input directory - must create it first
* [PAASLANE-2593] - Estimate Failing with Truncated Data for ALLERT_COUNT error
* [PAASLANE-2594] - Set Config (language): needs "processing" mask
* [PAASLANE-2599] - Profile Module Finalize getting LockAquisition Errors - add retries
* [PAASLANE-2600] - Trial Registration (password): User has no way to change password
* [PAASLANE-2601] - Application (Module list): needs "loading" indicator
* [PAASLANE-2602] - quicktest (long name): fails silently
* [PAASLANE-2606] - Clicking view on the portfolio screen errors out
* [PAASLANE-2607] - UI issue where brief misplaced messaging is shown
* [PAASLANE-2608] - Looks like the priority of sets list has info and then clears.
* [PAASLANE-2614] - Distributed Profiler and Agent still require encryption
* [PAASLANE-2619] - Profiler not handling relative paths well especially in WIndows
* [PAASLANE-2620] - Report (Category Chart): click new cat names that have spaces = JS error
* [PAASLANE-2636] - View Reports link not displayed on uploading a file with long Name via Quick Test





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