Release Notes PaaSLane Version 2.5.3

Release Notes - PaaSLane - Version 2.5.3

• [PAASLANE-1392] - Edit User (UI not persisting changes?)
• [PAASLANE-1506] - Rule package, bad xml, fails to load, shows user no error.
• [PAASLANE-1512] - Table showing only two users
• [PAASLANE-2236] - Digester should validate that ruleKeys do not exist in packages of other names
• [PAASLANE-2541] - new trial user sees inconsistent display for disabled functionality
• [PAASLANE-2562] - set-config (unused rules): needs to show rules that are only in black-listed sets
• [PAASLANE-2589] - Uploaded file not being deleted with new workflow
• [PAASLANE-2645] - Delete application while modules pane is open - shows no apps remaining
• [PAASLANE-2653] - Unable to Create new Schema for new Customer
• [PAASLANE-2656] - New Customer Create schema can change user password
• [PAASLANE-2659] - home dash (create link): never got updated to 2.5 report config page
• [PAASLANE-2660] - Local Agent - clear properties, allow for encryption key to be null
• [PAASLANE-2705] - Tm + TF list pages may hide ADD button
• [PAASLANE-2708] - Report Create dates display as "Invalid Date" in IE on Reports page
• [PAASLANE-2711] - Customer Maintenance Cron Job on Exception starts a new workflow
• [PAASLANE-2713] - Module Select (Quick Test) - Funky Display
• [PAASLANE-2716] - home dash (quicktest) : button overflows container
• [PAASLANE-2719] - trial (email): account with 1 day left hasn't been getting warning emails
• [PAASLANE-2720] - Upload (instructions): add link to external local profiling documentation
• [PAASLANE-1669] - display times in the user's time-zone
• [PAASLANE-2546] - package (update):user-entered "version notes" are cleared on file selection
• [PAASLANE-2555] - Report Config (RST select): should only show templates with sets that match


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