Release Notes PaaSLane Version 2.5.5

Release Notes - PaaSLane - Version 2.5.5


  • PAASLANE-2706 - Display results row zebra stripes shifted.
  • PAASLANE-2791 - Local Profiler - Combine keystore and truststore
  • PAASLANE-2793 - Local Profiler/Agent in linux should run as a service
  • PAASLANE-2796 - estimate (export): launches upgrade modal for all tenants
  • PAASLANE-2798 - "Reset" link not appearing on clicking Add/Add All button on Configure Report page
  • PAASLANE-2799 - Weird display of Table headers in Configure Report page on Zoom in /Zoom out action
  • PAASLANE-2810 - upload modal (app page): "loading" hidden if re-opened after interrupting jar selection
  • PAASLANE-2811 - jar-select (page & modal): details aren't opening
  • PAASLANE-2820 - Browser resize is altering alignment in the Upload file Mask.
  • PAASLANE-2822 - Issue when navigating back to Quick Test page from SetUpLocal profiling
  • PAASLANE-2829 - Upload (jar selection): tables intermittently lose header control after sort
  • PAASLANE-2830 - Alert Tables showing Effort instead of Number of Alerts
  • PAASLANE-2831 - Create Report: user selection of RT fails to select TF
  • PAASLANE-2834 - agent mask: logo points to hard-coded "localhost" path
  • PAASLANE-2836 - Report Template: win FF browser quirks clearing New Template validation
  • PAASLANE-2837 - Profile Runner does not use the FXcop install property in
  • PAASLANE-2839 - Upload: win chrome quirks
  • PAASLANE-2841 - Local Profiling Wizard needs a Reassemble button
  • PAASLANE-2843 - Local Profiling Wizard - Standalone Profiler needs to either re-use the Agent's keystore or trust it
  • PAASLANE-2844 - Create New Customer Constraint error when copying default reports
  • PAASLANE-2845 - Report Template: win FF browser quirks typing New Template Name
  • PAASLANE-2846 - Report Template API is allowing for creation of new default templates
  • PAASLANE-2847 - Report Config should only allow 1 default - add db constraint/trigger
  • PAASLANE-2850 - IE9: No sort functionality on jar-list modal
  • PAASLANE-2851 - Application table not loading in ie9
  • PAASLANE-2856 - Wizard - Cert Password Length must be > 5 characters
  • PAASLANE-2858 - Visual rendering bug in Firefox
  • PAASLANE-2862 - Upload broken on IE9
  • PAASLANE-2863 - IE9: Jar-list modal does not clear file selection on 'Cancel'
  • PAASLANE-2886 - agent test (tooltip): bottom cut off for 1st x user (&prob others)
  • PAASLANE-2887 - IE (Assembly Wizard): fails to populate properties vis "serialize array" functionality
  • PAASLANE-2889 - Assembly Wizard (default agent url): appears to populate with url most recently used on PL instance
  • PAASLANE-2891 - safari: "continue" on 1st login to home w/ untrusted LP redirects to /paaslaneagentclient/home-dashboard
  • PAASLANE-2893 - Assembly Wizard: Validate Local Agent URL
  • PAASLANE-2903 - Typo on Local Profiling Wizard


  • PAASLANE-1996 - Log .NET profiling failures from .NET solution and FxCop results
  • PAASLANE-2159 - Alerts for .NET need to be able to display different description for each
  • PAASLANE-2707 - Token page: Add content describing where used
  • PAASLANE-2710 - Standard Account pre-expiration sends trial expiration email
  • PAASLANE-2747 - Redesign report page summary layout
  • PAASLANE-2750 - App (profile): show "error" when last date exists but "hasProfiles" false\
  • PAASLANE-2755 - Estimate (summary): implement ad hoc redesign
  • PAASLANE-2759 - selected list (var pages): improve detail indicator
  • PAASLANE-2784 - Add "Create Report" button to report list
  • PAASLANE-2800 - estimate (detail): new lists should detect previously selected metric
  • PAASLANE-2832 - Create Report: User is forced to make all changes before choosing how to save report template
  • PAASLANE-2833 - Create Report: RT needs to detect whether RST is shown
  • PAASLANE-2852 - estimate view (charts): make initial render responsive to document width
  • PAASLANE-2865 - Wizard: Disable SSL UX Improvement
  • PAASLANE-2892 - Assembly Wizard: Add Zendesk Link


  • PAASLANE-2344 - Report Display - Need service changes to support Report Template information
  • PAASLANE-2347 - Report Display - Need API changes to support Report Template
  • PAASLANE-2703 - Implement Single Points of Failure and Resolutions per 2650
  • PAASLANE-2704 - Add Days Remaining to Expiration E-mail
  • PAASLANE-2349 - Design and Implement Report Template UI
  • PAASLANE-2480 - UI/Wizard for Deployment of Distributed Agent and Profilers
  • PAASLANE-2721 - Implement new upload design



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