Release Notes PaaSLane Version 2.5.6

Release Notes - PaaSLane - Version 2.5.6


  • [PAASLANE-2835] - async loaded files point to old version unless user clears browser cache
  • [PAASLANE-2866] - Agent Authentication Bad Token comes back as 500 error
  • [PAASLANE-2888] - (VERIFY) – IE11: iframe still fails to load after exception added for local agent
  • [PAASLANE-2890] - Identical reports run on SaaS vs. local profiler don't match
  • [PAASLANE-2895] - ProfileRunner - Add Mac version of JAD to the distribution
  • [PAASLANE-2907] - File input gets blanked out on Upload modal
  • [PAASLANE-2909] - Versioned JS not populating one(?) link correctly
  • [PAASLANE-2911] - Profile Runner Fails on Windows with Spaces in Path
  • [PAASLANE-2921] - HOTFIX (wizard): needs proper JS link
  • [PAASLANE-2922] - Assembly wizard: Profiler Common Name should not have default
  • [PAASLANE-2923] - Assembly wizard: Advanced Instructions have inconsistent capitalization
  • [PAASLANE-2924] - Assembly wizard: "Use SSL" flipping No -> Yes does not show field


  • [PAASLANE-2842] - Eclipse IDE Plugin: UX Improvements
  • [PAASLANE-2868] - Ability to create Java-Only or C#-Only Rule Set Template
  • [PAASLANE-2881] - Force UI files to be cleared from cache when released
  • [PAASLANE-2896] - Local profiling: design & implement minor UI improvements for clarity
  • [PAASLANE-2908] - Assembly Wizard UI: 2nd pass (various)



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