Release Notes PaaSLane Version 2.5.4

Release Notes - PaaSLane - Version 2.5.4


  • [PAASLANE-1295] - some table filtering markup rather than value
  • [PAASLANE-2316] - Upload (module link): drop-downs not populated
  • [PAASLANE-2553] - Profile Runner will load .zip files as custom plugins
  • [PAASLANE-2705] - Tm + TF list pages may hide ADD button
  • [PAASLANE-2709] - Remediation and Ruleset_Rule info blank in reports after package update
  • [PAASLANE-2714] - Trial Registration: CustomerCategory Cookie not properly set
  • [PAASLANE-2722] - Workflow Scheduled Job seems to continue as new terminated workflows
  • [PAASLANE-2734] - App (profiles): case where profile date is shown without link to create report



  • [PAASLANE-1292] - refactor page layout to utilize full page
  • [PAASLANE-2667] - Add Findbugs and Find Security Bugs plugins to profiler
  • [PAASLANE-2669] - upload: finish design (including multi capability)
  • [PAASLANE-2701] - Design & implement repository for marketing content


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