Release Notes PaaSLane Version 2.5.7

Release Notes - PaaSLane - Version 2.5.7


  • [PAASLANE-2793] - Local Profiler/Agent in linux should run as a service
  • [PAASLANE-2810] - Upload modal (app page): "loading" hidden if re-opened after interrupting jar selection
  • [PAASLANE-2847] - Report Config should only allow 1 default - add db constraint/trigger
  • [PAASLANE-2850] - IE9: No sort functionality on jar-list modal
  • [PAASLANE-2938] - Assembly Wizard: Local Agent Protocol & Port Don't Populate from DB
  • [PAASLANE-2948] - Application screen is coming back slowly
  • [PAASLANE-2963] - Application Page: Status is still being requested when doing an upload
  • [PAASLANE-2964] - Uploading War Appears to upload the file Again
  • [PAASLANE-2975] - Issue with Auto Estimate running before the Profile is complete


  • [PAASLANE-2524] - Home Page Browser Quirks (win/FF+IE9)
  • [PAASLANE-2576] - Remediation (code sample): styling inconsistent
  • [PAASLANE-2916] - Assembly wizard: add ability to specify internal + external agent URI
  • [PAASLANE-2917] - Modify Application and Module Stats to return useful data to the UI/Jenkins 


  • [PAASLANE-2036] - Front end ability to select “release on save” (add & update)
  • [PAASLANE-2795] - Return estimating information back to the Jenkins plugin



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