Release Note Rules Version 2.0.12 - 2/25/15

PLRULES-835 Signature declares use of unhashable class in hashed construct
PLRULES-850 Naked notify
PLRULES-856 Method spins on field
PLRULES-857 Potentially dangerous use of non-short-circuit logic
PLRULES-858 Questionable use of non-short-circuit logic
PLRULES-859 Wait with two locks held
PLRULES-860 Unconditional wait
PLRULES-861 Uninitialized read of field in constructor
PLRULES-862 Unsynchronized get method, synchronized set method
PLRULES-863 Initialization circularity
PLRULES-864 Superclass uses subclass during initialization
PLRULES-865 Iterator next() method can't throw NoSuchElementException
PLRULES-866 Synchronization on interned String
PLRULES-867 Synchronization on Boolean could lead to deadlock
PLRULES-868 Synchronization on boxed primitive values
PLRULES-869 Synchronization on boxed primitive
PLRULES-870 Empty synchronized block
PLRULES-871 Synchronization on field in futile attempt to guard that field
PLRULES-872 Method synchronizes on an updated field
PLRULES-873 Field should be moved out of an interface and made package protected
PLRULES-874 Field should be both final and package protected
PLRULES-875 Field isn't final but should be
PLRULES-876 Field should be package protected
PLRULES-877 Field is a mutable Hashtable
PLRULES-878 Field is a mutable array
PLRULES-879 Field isn't final and can't be protected from malicious code
PLRULES-880 Potentially ambiguous invocation of either an inherited or outer method
PLRULES-881 Class names shouldn't shadow simple name of superclass
PLRULES-882 Class names shouldn't shadow simple name of implemented interface
PLRULES-883 Very confusing method names
PLRULES-884 Very confusing method names (but perhaps intentional)
PLRULES-885 Method doesn't override method in superclass due to wrong package for parameter
PLRULES-911 Unread field: should this field be static?
PLRULES-912 Unused field
PLRULES-913 Unread field
PLRULES-914 Complicated, subtle or wrong increment in for-loop
PLRULES-915 Field only ever set to null
PLRULES-916 Write to static field from instance method
PLRULES-917 Load of known null value
PLRULES-918 Dereference of the result of readLine() without nullcheck
PLRULES-919 Immediate dereference of the result of readLine()
PLRULES-920 Should be a static inner class
PLRULES-921 Could be refactored into a named static inner class
PLRULES-922 Could be refactored into a static inner class
PLRULES-923 Wait not in loop
PLRULES-924 Condition.await() not in loop
PLRULES-925 Using notify() rather than notifyAll()
PLRULES-926 Method checks to see if result of String.indexOf is positive
PLRULES-927 Method discards result of readLine after checking if it is nonnull
PLRULES-928 Method ignores return value, is this OK?
PLRULES-929 Method ignores exceptional return value
PLRULES-930 Exception created and dropped rather than thrown
PLRULES-931 Null pointer dereference
PLRULES-932 Store of null value into field annotated NonNull
PLRULES-933 Null pointer dereference in method on exception path
PLRULES-934 Parameter must be non-null but is marked as nullable
PLRULES-935 Possible null pointer dereference
PLRULES-936 Possible null pointer dereference on branch that might be infeasible
PLRULES-937 Possible null pointer dereference in method on exception path
PLRULES-938 Possible null pointer dereference due to return value of called method
PLRULES-940 Method call passes null for nonnull parameter
PLRULES-942 Method call passes null to a nonnull parameter
PLRULES-943 Method may return null, but is declared @NonNull
PLRULES-944 Clone method may return null
PLRULES-945 toString method may return null
PLRULES-946 Null value is guaranteed to be dereferenced
PLRULES-947 Value is null and guaranteed to be dereferenced on exception path
PLRULES-948 Static initializer creates instance before all static final fields assigned
PLRULES-949 Method may fail to close stream
PLRULES-950 Method may fail to close stream on exception
PLRULES-951 Consider returning a zero length array rather than null
PLRULES-952 Useless control flow
PLRULES-953 Useless control flow to next line
PLRULES-954 Nullcheck of value previously dereferenced
PLRULES-955 Redundant nullcheck of value known to be null
PLRULES-956 Redundant nullcheck of value known to be non-null
PLRULES-957 Redundant comparison of two null values
PLRULES-958 Redundant comparison of non-null value to null
PLRULES-959 Method does not release lock on all paths
PLRULES-960 Method does not release lock on all exception paths
PLRULES-961 Suspicious reference comparison
PLRULES-962 Using pointer equality to compare different types
PLRULES-963 Call to equals() comparing different types
PLRULES-964 Call to equals() comparing different interface types


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