Release Notes AppVista Version 0.1.14

ADF-108 Upstream/Downstream App dependency
ADF-255 ADF-108 dependencies: Gather Functional Requirements
ADF-256 ADF-108 dependencies: Design
ADF-257 ADF-108 dependencies: Implement
ADF-326 Question Management Design
ADF-354 Date comparison endpoint rule
ADF-355 Inclusion endpoint Rules
ADF-370 Subcomponent Scores Should Affect Parent Score
ADF-379 template delete api isn't consistent
ADF-394 ADF-108 Dependencies: UI implementation
ADF-395 ADF-108 Dependencies: Backend implementation
ADF-396 ADF-108 Dependencies: DB implementation
ADF-399 Change question_option to use key instead of ID for linkage
ADF-400 ADF-399 Add question_option_key to question_option table
ADF-401 ADF-399 Change Endpoint API to support question_option_key
ADF-402 Add APIs that return simplified JSON
ADF-403 ADF-402 Clean Endpoint JSON
ADF-404 ADF-402 Clean Survey Template JSON
ADF-405 Create possibility of date type for question options
ADF-406 Add inclusion list of answers
ADF-407 After updates Endpoints show up multiple times in portfolio report pages
ADF-409 Application is taking long time to navigate to Survey page from a particular Application
ADF-413 ADF-410 Question API - POST
ADF-414 ADF-410 Question API - PUT
ADF-415 ADF-410 Question API - DELETE
ADF-416 ADF-410 Question API - GET
ADF-419 Empty survey couldn`t be answered
ADF-420 ADF-370 Implement UI respresentation for collapse/expand data
ADF-421 Add message about survey emptiness.
ADF-422 Survey Editor Question list sort alphabetical
ADF-423 Typo - "Add Page to "Grouped Questions" Survey"
ADF-424 ADF-410 Front-end implementation
ADF-425 ADF-378 Implement group keys support for edited surveys
ADF-427 Subject with empty name is shown after importing from external file
ADF-433 Question management
ADF-434 ADF-433 Create routing, controller and template
ADF-435 ADF-433 Questions service
ADF-436 ADF-433 Question list
ADF-437 ADF-433 Question content
ADF-438 ADF-433 Possible answers for 'boolean' (radio) question type
ADF-439 ADF-433 Possible answers for 'dropdown with text' question type
ADF-440 ADF-433 Possible answers for combo/dropdown' question type
ADF-441 ADF-433 Possible answers for 'free text' question type
ADF-442 ADF-433 Possible answers for 'numerical' question type
ADF-443 ADF-433 Possible answers for 'multi-select' question type
ADF-444 ADF-433 Possibility to create new question
ADF-445 ADF-433 Possibility to clone question
ADF-446 ADF-433 Possibility to edit question
ADF-447 ADF-433 Possibility to delete question
ADF-448 ADF-433 Possibility to restore question
ADF-449 ADF-433 Possibility to mark question as released
ADF-450 ADF-433 Possibility to search questions
ADF-453 ADF-433 Implement validation for numerical type
ADF-455 Script for adding "Date" question type is needed
ADF-457 gulp tasks improving
ADF-477 Update question options. Question option key generation improvement.
ADF-478 ADF-451 Made changes in Role DTO classes and corresponding mappers
ADF-481 ADF-410 Questionoption value should be generated
ADF-484 Templates and endpoints update after questions change
ADF-492 Question name field is required on creating/editing question on 'Questions' page (front-end)
ADF-493 Question api problems
ADF-494 Error "Something went wrong.." is shown on 'Endpoints' page
ADF-495 Error is shown on removing connection if applications with the same name have different connections
ADF-496 Error is shown after clicking on 'Begin Survey' button on 'Applications' page
ADF-497 Question delete
ADF-498 Issue while navigating to Grouped Questions Survey Template
ADF-499 Exception while getting report from Application Tier Survey Template
ADF-500 Dependency page: Applications without dependencies should be shown on screen
ADF-501 Question name should be displayed fully in Question page(release-0.1.14)
ADF-503 Deleted questions should also be returned in response after GET request
ADF-506 Date return type
ADF-507 Exception while navigating to reports page
ADF-508 Inclusion\exclusion collision in report
ADF-517 Question type 'Select with text option' does not have a text option when user answers this question in the survey
ADF-518 Question type 'Multiselect with text option' does not have a text option when user answers this question in the survey
ADF-519 Answers aren't shown for questions with radio type in 'Question details' pop-up on 'Surveys' page
ADF-532 Unable to delete Questions
ADF-534 'Yes' and 'No' answers switch places in 'Question Details' after saving changes
ADF-537 Add version column
ADF-538 Include option value
ADF-539 Value isn't shown after defining suitability scoring for questions with type TextArea and TextBox on 'Endpoints' page
ADF-540 Incorrect endpoints are shown in 'Suitability Details' section in 'Application Report'
ADF-541 Two drop-down lists are shown on scoring 'Exclude' option for date questions on 'Endpoints' page
ADF-542 Answers are doubled in 'Scoring' column for released questions on 'Endpoints' page
ADF-551 Incorrect date is shown for 'Exclude' type in 'Scoring' column on 'Endpoints' page
ADF-552 Value 'Invalid date' is shown on scoring 'Exclude' option for date questions on 'Endpoints' page
ADF-553 Incorrect date is shown for date questions with 'Less Than' option in 'Scoring' column
ADF-554 Incorrect value is shown in 'Scoring' column for 'Effort' type for date questions
ADF-556 Survey templates are selected simultaneously in the list after adding question on 'Survey Templates' page


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