Release Notes AppVista Version 0.1.15

ADF-426 Bugs in Master
ADF-429 Application groups in AppVista
ADF-430 ADF-429 Gather requirements
ADF-451 Create architectural design for groups of applications in AppVista
ADF-452 ADF-429 Make database changes
ADF-478 ADF-451 Made changes in Role DTO classes and corresponding mappers
ADF-480 ADF-451 Add group versioning
ADF-482 ADF-451 Implementation of Sync functionality
ADF-483 ADF-451 Implementation of Report functionality
ADF-485 ADF-451 Made modifications on CTP Central side
ADF-489 Endpoints creation with existing name
ADF-502 ADF-451 Add GET by username functionality
ADF-504 Decision remove after survey template deletion
ADF-505 ADF-451 Improve DELETE functionality
ADF-520 ADF-42 Re-add import/export page to AppVista menu
ADF-521 ADF-42 Re-add Endpoint import functionality to the Import/Export page
ADF-522 ADF-42 Re-add Endpoint Export functionality to the Import/Export page
ADF-523 ADF-42 Re-add Subject/Answer import functionality to the Import/Export page
ADF-524 ADF-42 Re-add Subject/Answer export functionality to the Import/Export page
ADF-525 ADF-42 Re-add Portfolio export functionality to the Import/Export page
ADF-527 Question font in App Report page is too light.
ADF-529 ADF-42 Update to pass questionOptionKey values
ADF-565 Decisions for applications with subcomponents incorrect.
ADF-566 questionoption_key needs resize in other tables
ADF-571 ADF-569 Report presentation for selected group
ADF-575 ADF-569 Group list
ADF-576 ADF-569 Synchronize functionality
ADF-577 ADF-569 Add/remove application from group
ADF-579 'option_text' column is empty after exporting endpoint for questions with type "text box/"text area" on 'Import/Export' page
ADF-585 'import_flag' has value "False" in database after importing Subject/Answer from ''Import/Export" page
ADF-636 Drop-down to select application group in subject page
ADF-637 Applications disappear after synchronizing
ADF-638 Call synchronize app groups on Groups page load for admin
ADF-639 Only applications from assigned groups must be returned by API
ADF-640 Collapsed results aren't shown
ADF-642 First application in the chosen group must be selected after selecting group in the drop-down on 'Applications' page
ADF-645 Subcomponents are shown in drop-down list on adding applications for group on 'Groups' page
ADF-646 On 'Report' page suitability percentage isn't shown correctly for collapsed view


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